360 unispin hand position?

ok so i can 180 99% of the time so i want to learn 360 but i dont have a clue how to hold the seat???

how good where you at 180 before going to 360?

also any tips would be appreciated.


how about you ask shaun ?

1: why?

2: how?

pm ? and anyways ill tell u… u put your hands on your seat you jump you spin the uni 360 then u put your feets back on the pedals…DONT LAND ON THE TIRE IT HURTS

but i wanna know the hand position. and theres a lot more people than shaun that 360 hes just the best flipper

you put it the same way as you do a 180 unispin… but you can teach your unicycle to do a 360 unispin itself… never underestimate the brain of a unicycle

hahaha I agree… but when I used to learn unispin my hand placement was pretty messed up… when I went up to 360 it got normal… just look at videos of ppl…

i cant tell from videos,

well then just put your hands the way your comfortable with it… that’s what everyone does… and by the way shaun is pretty much a spin master too… he did do a 720 unispin…but yea… put your hands how you think it feels right for you… it can cahnge from ppl to ppléé

can shaun do 720s on request or was that like a limited time thing that he has to relearn everytime or something?

also xav does 720s

not sure because if you are talking about the unispin in his video VENER well its a 540 unispin

ive only ever seen shaun do one 720…but thats beside the point…now i cant even 180 but what ive noticed form watching other people is that the hand position for 360 is the same as for 180 …you just spin the uni faster and jump higher to allow more time for the spin. i hope that helps

oh maybe it just looks like 720 cuz his feet go like a million feet in the air and it spins FAST

so could i let it do part of the spin w/o my hands on it , or at least barely holding it to keep it upright?

but wen u do a 180 u dont need to take ur hands off the seat, but wen u do 360, if u dont have them in the right position they get tangled, i think u may need to let go of the saddle and catch it agen…

Before I learned 360s I held the seat with one hand on the front and one on the back for 180 unispins, then it got complicated when I wanted to do 360s. The best way I have found for me is to hold both my hands on the left side of the seat with my right hand in front and my left one in back. I spin it clockwise and I am right handed so if any of that is different for you then that might vary. I think that Jeff (skate4flip) holds it with one hand one the side near the front and the other hand on the back of the seat. So there are a couple different ways of doing it. Some people let go of the seat and some don’t.
Here is a clip of my first couple of 360 unispins, you can see my hand position in the second angle.

well for my hand position, i put my right hand on the left side of the front end. and i put my left hand on the right side of back of the seat. then i let her rip and spin it… well basicly that how my hands are… b4 i learned to do 360 uni spin i learned 270 uni spin on to the wheel. i would recremend wearing some six six ones when practiceing or you will be a war amp. and DONT LEARN IN SIDE UR HOUSE!!! i started that way cuz it was snowing out. that resulted in a unicycle threw the wall… and i am pritty sure that xav can do 720’s… (just to let you guys know i think i invented a new trick and it will be in my next movie, so dont ask what it is… and i can do that one trick where you step on the tire then wrap around and land on the pedals, if u dont know what i mean i will have it in my next movie as well… i didnt mean to threadjack so just continue with this convo…)

EDIT: i spin the uni clockwise

unijesse…unless you have rubber arms yes you will have to let go of the uni for the spin. but it probly wont fall because its spinning and you really dont let go of it for that long.

No, you don’t have to let go. I have seen people do them without letting go. I would say most people do though. If you do let go just concentrate on when you have to catch it again so its straight.

thats how i do them(180s)

allright thanks guys, i think i have an idea of how im gonna do it so i might try tomorrow depending on if i got the balls (or if i want to keep em:p )