360 Unispin footplant

…I kinda just learned it. I’m working on it. But as soon as i get my shinguards, i’ll get the 360 unispin.

Sorry for the quality, i’m getting a camera for Christmas

Great job man. =p

Even with the bad lighting and camera, it looked very smooth.


So, jump off the Uni, 360 Unispin, jump back on?

Yea…its not as lame as you make it sound though lol. Its way easy, but it looks cool.

Nice trick, crappy video. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t see a thing.

Nah its Horrible lighting with a 1.3 mp camera phone. But next monday, i’ll have my new camera don’t worry guys.

Yeah it looks alright, sorry I made it sound really easy or lame… I’m good at that.

I probably can’t do it… but I’m more interested in trials riding.

lol its alright. It really is pretty easy, but i’ve only been riding for 5 months.

I’ve been riding 3 months now.

I can side hop probably just under 3 feet if I put some efford into it.

Height… I can barely hop up stairs.

I can’t so a Unispin either, I can jump spin and miss the pedals, that’s about it.

Side mount… very crappy rolling hops… I’m bored.

Looks pretty cool. I’m going to try that in the morning (or whenever i wake up) if it isn’t raining…like it’s been doing the past three days…

So, do you want to ride when I get up to NY at the end of this month? I can get to Suffern at some point.

here’s a 360 unispin footplant,



thats crazy smooth. Just wondering, how do you hold the seat for it?

well its hard for me to say really. That is a borrowed uni with an unusual seat and I’ve really only done them on that one but I think I can give you the bare bones of it.
If you watch the slow mo, you’ll see that my hands are holding the saddle the same way as I would be holding it for a 360 spin on flat. That’s it really, it’s just practise and to be honest, I doubt it will take you long. I got it first time.


Chexjc, maybe you could take something from those tips too :stuck_out_tongue:

yea, I’ve done 180 unispin footplants, but its weird for me to get the grip right when Im going from seat in.

that’s pretty cool man. Maybe take a few setup hops out. But other than that looks great.

Yea thats nice man. I can get the spin and everything without stopping…but i always wind up moving the pedals and missing them on the landing. I put my hands just like his.

Set up hops, where? I don’t know if you are talking to me, but if you are, you can’t be looking too closely, my vid has a total of 0 set up hops in it.

I’m sure he’s talking to me…i took like 5 lol.

Yea im workin on 360 unispin right now, by the end of tonight, hopefully I can get the mount down for 360 uni spin mount, then ill work on the spin, ill also try tht. Pretty kool though, never thought of doin tht.