360 unispin competition!

Well, its the holidays right now here in england and I know myself and a few others are getting close to 360 unispins, does anybody fancy getting a little competition going?
rules are as follows:
must be on a 19" or bigger wheel
must be on flat ground
Can’t have landed one before. period. :slight_smile:
can be either static or rolling
must have video proof
lets go guys :smiley:

Im in

Im in too!

lets go doodz! ;D
lewis did you just join to be part of this? if so major high five is in order for the next time i see you. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in! Does it start right away?

yep, it starts now, im going to be trying this one a lot methinks :smiley:

im in

cool! can someone make trophys?

Haha, I’ll participate but I will not accept a trophy if I win, I havnet landed one in a long time and to make it harder I am now trying to do it on a 20" wheel with really high air pressure =)

I’m in.

I’m in… as all the other 360 unispin competition, I’ve never landed it, I dont really work on it though… but who knows, maybe I’ll land it tomorrow:p

:smiley: good luck everyone, im getting closer! i wish i could commit!

Big thanks to DanL R for making these trophies!
and for anybody who lands a 360 unspin but doesnt manage to get a place in the competition (probably me :D) there is this
Again, everybody should thank DanL R for these :slight_smile:

I will give it a shot

ill try :slight_smile:


have just learnt to do 180s (: tryed a few 360 have alot of ball pain :@ should have them byt sat :slight_smile:

I did it!


It really seemed to click when I tried it with the seat backwards. Then learning seat forwards was easy.

nice work! :smiley:
How much practise did this take you, i still am not really close :frowning:

I’d been practising since before the comp but I wasn’t really committing. Then after the comp started I practised on and off until last night when I decided to do some serious practise. I wasn’t any closer than before, until I tried it with the seat backwards. That helped me commit and I started getting both feet on the pedals. After that it just happened. Good luck!