360 Unispin Attempts (VIDEO)

So I have been riding a year now. My goal is to land a 360 unispin by the end of the summer. I was wondering if anyone has advice for me after looking at this video. Of course I included the worse falls in the video. There was one attempt in which I actually landed on the pedals, but then fell.

Thank you for any advice. Hopefully it will save me from some shinjuries in the future. :slight_smile:


Nice attempts! I would recommend practising the motions of the spin with your hands while standing behind the unicycle. Once you have the spin perfected then all you have to do is commit to the landing. Good luck!

You’re getting really close, I bet you’ll land it soon. Try putting both hands together on one side of the seat, and then when you throw keep your front hand on almost the whole time to guide the seat, and then catch it with your backhand.

One of my first ones is at 1:51 so you can see what I mean.

Yep - your hand position is making it hard. Front hand goes right in the center of the seat. Back hand just behind it - with fingers pointing the same way. Starting that way, you should be able to turn the front hand 360 degrees without ever letting go of the seat. The front hand just passes the seat off to the back hand at the end.

Egad - Julia does hers with seat backwards. See the link in my sig for my first successful one.

They’re easier to land seat-in, but it’s a little scarier to commit to doing it that way at first.

Oops I forgot to mention, don’t do it with the seat backwards. That’s a bad habit that I’ve fixed now. :slight_smile: On much bigger spins like 720s and 900s some people like to spin with the seat backwards at first because you can get a better throw, but you won’t have to worry about that for a while.

Extremely helpful tips. Thank you so much. I’m getting married in a week and I think I will take a break until after the wedding to avoid any injuries. I don’t want to be limping down the aisle. :slight_smile:

Not to point out the obvious, but in your first several attempts you’re only spinning the unicycle about 270 degrees. If you’d made it all the way around you might have cleaned them.

Congrats on getting married :slight_smile: Does that mean you finally take a letter in OTG?

Try to relax a bit in your hopping before… And you don’t have to “fly” in the spin :stuck_out_tongue: You will get much more control if you can keep the unicycle close to the ground! :slight_smile: Also do what Unihopper says! train the spin standing behind the unicycle! When I’m warming up for some spins I stand with one foot on the back pedal and spin it and try to catch the seat and landing with the backfoot again.
And my last advise wich I learned when I was learning 180 unispins and still use when I have to land 720 unispins, just smash your feet into the wheelset and you should land it (if the spin is comming all 360° around :P)