360 uni-spin

Any tips for going from 180 uni spin to 360 uni spin. I can get the full rotation and hit at least one pedal or crank but I just can’t convert. Thanks.



It’s all about the form

There are many ways to do a 360 unispin depending on hand possition, but that’s a different thing. First you must be able to do arials. Jump off your uni, with seat in front, kick out your legs and just bring them in on the pedals. Do not put a lot of weight on the uni seat. It will shoot out in some one way. This is a huge help with 540 unispins, and 720’s. With a 360 you take your strong hang. (The Front hand when you 180 unispin.) That will be the hand that doesn’t leave the seat. Jump off, spin it, and twist your wrist all the way around and grab the seat with the other hand at the end of the spin. Dan Heaton does it this way.

…e…Standard from

n…a.DNAH…One hand twist, other hand off
back to standard form, with the strong hand totaly twisted around

learn 180 and 360 mounts, once u get those down then go for the spin
worked for me it’ll work for you:D