360 uni spin on 24"

has anyone done a 360 unispin in there 24" Muni? ive seen people don 360 unispins on 20" wheels but not 24". If you can, can you post a vid or pick? also is there any footage of someone jumping up onto the top of a picknick table doing a rolling hop?

with the rolling hop go to http://www.koxx-one.com and watch the street road trip video they do like an infinity of them. but i have no idea about the unispin

I know justin kohse has done 360 unispins on a 24" probably alot of people have

I’ve done 270s on my 24". I’m pretty sure I could do 360s with practice if I wasn’t such a wuss.

sorry, i meant with 24" hopping up onto the top of a picknick table

Ha, I am much more scared to do 270s than 360s. I like that I can land on the pedals which is reletively stable compared to on the wheel.

I find 270s a lot less scary because I don’t have to let go of the seat. What I actually do is a 180 unispin with a 90 bodyspin, so the unicycle doesn’t move that much.

Oh ok that makes sense.

you dont have to let go of the unicycle when doing a 360 unispin…just put some guards on and learn it… Its a trick worth while to learn

I don’t understand how you can do that without really flexible arms.

24" is the only way to go. I learned recently to 540 unispin and i rolling hopped up 7 pallets. But i hurt myself 3 weeks ago trying to grind a huge rail and my knee is still buggered so i dont know if i could do them right away again.

But ive 360 unispinned off drops and stuff like that.

24 rules, all you 20" clowns no nothing