360 to 540

Hey on 540’s, i have 360’s down everytime, any tips for where i should go from there, im thinking bout just sitting for like 2 hours and working on the spin on the ground then learning the mount, or should i do it differently?

Im guessing a month to 2 for me to learn this any tips?

and yes i know i work on a new trick (it seems) every week.

Then just wondering?

how many ppl can do 540’s?

i just hit 9 360 unispins in a row lol, then i missed the next one :angry: i hit both the pedals then fell off.

you should definately specify when you say 360. I know youre talking about unispins but just keep it clear for us.

i know that i learned the 180unispin from the 180 jump mount
and the same to the 360unispin

my 360 become solid this week

i think iam just going to try the 540 jump mount and later go for it

if you already learned the 180 and the 360 you dont need to change your learning technic

I think a lot of people do unispin 540. In france, I think we are about 10…

ok… but the question was…

how do you start learning them?

Well I learned off a curb so I had more time in the air to spin…I didnt and never did learn to 540 jump mount so I find those mounts pretty useless personally. Just jump as high as you can off and spin it with all your might, hopefully you can get ti to spin 540 degrees ;-). Ohh and dont let completely go of the seat, when I do it lands behind me, but I do mine to seat in…

Cody does it weirdly. I would suggest NOT trying them to seat in because I have seen Cody in pain many times from failed attempts. When you are spinning it that fast you dont want to almost land it seat in unless you never want kids.
Cody’s do look really awesome when he gets them though.

Yaaay go Cody lol. Well Its the only way I can land them, and yeah painfully when done wrong. Its how Jacinto Ayuso(sp?) used to do them back in Universe 2. Spencer should have some vids of landing seat out somewhere see how he does them…