360 Suicide Mount

I got the 180 suicide mount down so I worked on the 360 and made it. Check out the video clip here: http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/albus52

I lowered the quality for the guys without broadband.

I lower my head in complete awe.

That is awesome!

Excellent style,

Flawless Victory!


It doesn’t play for me, while the other videos there do. Do I need a decompressor or something? The first attempt to play told me to install something, but I cancelled it. It only gave me one chance, won’t ask again. :thinking:

Wow, thanks Sofa! But you should try it. Since you got the 180 down, I bet it would be easy for you if you have a 20".

grey, you probably need to install quicktime. Here’s a link: http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/

Now if I could only nail that stupid 360 unispin…arghh…so…hard…

To be honest, I only tried a 360 with the 24"

To be even more honest, during those few attempts, I never even jumped, I just determined that spinning the uni fully around wouldn’t work too well (falling over, etc…)

Sometimes it’s fun to continually push yourself to learn bigger and cooler skills. Sometimes is fun to give up right away, and go on to something else.

That fixed what I was avoiding, oops, lacking.

Good one, Zach! That Tucson weather is looking good right about now, too!

Dang Zach… nice job! How high can you jump?

Ahh, the Tucson weather is sweet this time of year…and ONLY this time of year. I can go outside and practice in the brisk, cool, refreshing breeze.

Eublapharis, I’m working on it. Ever progressing in the jumping skillz area. However, you can watch how high I’ve jumped here: http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/albus52

Those video clips may also help with your technique since you asked about that in another thread. Although, I suck so don’t count on it bro. I hope to get a seat under and seat out 20 inch hop down soon so I can move on to 25 inches… Ahh that’ll be the day… in the cool Tucson breeze.

  • Zach

nice one!

nice job, smooth as a baby’s bum. i’ve only ever landed a 360 once, have you landed it more than once? i was trying to land one again last friday but couldn’t do it, proably becasue i was doing it on my trials rather than freestyle.

i was messing arround with some kind of new suicides tho, such as a kick-out suicide, which is where you throw your feet out to the sides as far as possible during the suicide. and a kick-out 180 suicide which i only landed a few times. also a star-jump suicide which is where you throw your arms and legs out as far as possible whilst doing the suicide, which i landed a few times.

im gonna try some 180 suicides where i turn myself 180 next week, should be a challenge.


That looked cool!
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That actually looked so cool I had to try jump and suicide mounts too. For the first time of my life. And I landed them!![thread jacking=off]

WOOOOT!! I did this in my 2mx2m :roll_eyes: student flat, because it’s raining outside (not snow, damn), so not too much riding after the mounts. But I did a rev or two to the kitchen and dismounted. It was surprisingly easy.

iain, i can probably do them at will now, or at least within a couple tries if i’m rusty. i usually do a trick so much that it’s ingrained in my brain. like with grinding, the first time i got it i tried it probably 60-70 (i was there a LONG time) times and now when i want to grind something that knowledge just pops up in my head.

those suicides sound pretty crazy but like sofa said, “Sometimes it’s fun to continually push yourself to learn bigger and cooler skills. Sometimes is fun to give up right away, and go on to something else.”

but what interests me now is possible variations on the kickup mount, does anyone do any crazy kickups? :thinking:


 I know how to do some pretty crazy kickup mounts. I can do kickup to wheelwalk, and kickup to wheelwalk one-footed.

And just a couple of days ago, I was on a sloped hill and I did a kickup to glide. (I think it was a fluke)


Re: 360 Suicide Mount

On Sun, 16 Nov 2003 06:45:35 -0600, gingerfreek
<gingerfreek@NoEmail.Message.Poster.at.Unicyclist.com> wrote:

>im gonna try some 180 suicides where i turn myself 180 next week, should
>be a challenge.

Is that facing the uni before turning so that you should land

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Those sound awesome Sabin! We’ll have to film them when I’m up there. :slight_smile:

Next time I go out and practice I’m going to see what a 540 suicide mount would be like. If it goes well I’ll post some more video clips.

540 Suicide Mount! INSANE!!! :astonished: I’d like to see that when you come to Seattle.


I played around with it for like 15 minutes today… It’s kind of lame, the 540 is pretty much only about the spin. I think I could do it, but I don’t really want to spend the time getting the timing + the spin just right. Who knows though…

Hey Sabin, drop me an email at zachjucha@hotmail.com with your phone number so I can call you when i get close to Seattle. If you have Sara’s number that would be a help too. If we could all go filming one day that would be great. Another day I’m going to try and meet up with Dan so if I could consolidate the unicycling into two days that would be cool.

Re: Re: 360 Suicide Mount

yeah i think i’l start by doing it that way round becasue it seems most logical (i’ll be able to see the uni before i jump and have a better chance of hitting the pedals), but it might be more difficult so i might end up the other way round, i guess ill find out soon enough, ill let you know how i get on and get a video if i manage it.

i’ve tried a 540 a couple of times but never landed it. i got enough spin, but a zach said learning the timing is difficult and it 's good to move away from the same trick once youve exhausted the possabilities.


if you get the 180 body spin down, try and combine that with a 180 unicycle spin and tell me how it goes. i would try it, but i don’t want to break my spine.