360 Sidespin Video

This is my new version of a 360 unispin that I did about a month ago. I’m hoping Shaun will do it with a flip and call it a “Mickflip”, rhyming with hickflip, and the Mick coming from “Mc” Mullin. Hahaha. Enjoy its psycadelic awesomeness.


Kevin McMullin

Plane old Kevin.



HOLY F**K that was good ,you are now the street person i aspire to be

Thats awesome, are you getting into more flips and spin tricks now?

dude that was freaking sweet.


What kind of unicycle to you use?

That Is awesome. Hey Kevin, try hit it down a small stair set!!

dude its kevin mcmullin.

hit it down a 9 set!


nice, what happened to your gb4 unicycle?

I certainly own multiple unicycles. What kind of unicyclist would I be if I had just one?? That uni is a Bedford Freestyle uni. For street I ride a KH 07 now though.

Damn! Unbelievable! Great!:smiley:

do you find tech street stuff like this easier on a freestyle?

Nice! Please give it a sensible name. Or maybe call it “the McMullin”

A mickflip would be awesome!

Wild! :astonished: :smiley:

Yay! That’s very awsome. I’ve thought about doing just that before, but with a 180 unispin, but… only tried it like, once.

Doing it one handed, that’s great… Is it possible two handed?


Do you know that Felix Dietze did almost the same trick in his Sofmotion-Video (available on the Koxx1-website)? He did it seat-in-front to seat-in-back.

Anyway, great trick, I wish I could do it.

That was sick. Like just imagine that mcflip thing. Wow. Still snow here damnit:(

Now thats something you don’t see everyday.

Thats unbelieveable! Well done.

Gotta start somewhere.

I wanna see a varial fitfhmickflip down a 9 set.