360, on a KH29

i was bored, so got the 29er out and tried some street.

i learnt:
90 unispins
180 unispins+rolling 180s
crank idleing
360 unispins
wheel walking
riding 1 footed

i got clips of a 360 and 90-90.


wow very cool, I can do a smalspin,90-180-90unispins and some other stuf with it, but never thought a 360 was possible :stuck_out_tongue: very nice!! :smiley:

Awesome! smallspins must be cool! i was going to try 90-180-90s but my ankle was hurting too much.

I tried some rolling wraps lol, heyre so hard!
360s are actually pretty easy, you just need to get over the fear, that what i found.

Thats awesome :stuck_out_tongue: can you do any tricks on a 36"? My friend landed a 180 unispin on a 36" a couple of weeks ago, do you think you could make that a 360? :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah really hard, have you tried normal crankrolls yet ? they are easly :stuck_out_tongue:

i cant do crankrolls :frowning: … rolling wraps are my only flat trick lol.

i think if you can 540 a smal wheel, you should esily be able to 360 a 29!

i’d love to try it! but i dont have a 36 at the moment, in the futre if i ever get a 36 ill try it!

I can stand up ww and stand up glide mine a little too. I dont realy find gliding and harder than on a freestyle

i did a crankflip on my 29" v-frame…

at the and in this vid:

yeah i saw this when it was new, if i hadnt seen that, i wouldnt have thought it was possible!

qnd turtle, crankflipping te 29 is crazy!

ouch… you’re making my ankle sore. That looked painful.