360 off of something competition

basically, i just want to see some crazy 360s off of stuff… preferably stairs, just so we have a good gauge…
is anyone down?

rules are:

  1. does not have to be a full 360, but it can’t be less than a 270 (it should be well over 270 to count)

  2. must be something decently large (at least 4 feet drop or horizontal)

  3. must be wearing a helmet.

  4. should have a reasonable camera angle to catch both takeoff and landing

trophy made for winner upon end of competition … comp ends after 10 entries. (5 if there aren’t enough)

Im in
I might be able to film some bails at the weekend :roll_eyes:

I’m it when I get my uni.

I was thinking about 360’ing that 9 set (1:26), but now you said you wanted to 360 a 12, so mine will look silly compared to yours… I’ll see what I can do.


I assume you are referring to a 360 hop twist, not a 360 unispin off stuff, right?

i want to… but that doesn’t mean i will have the guts when i roll up to it…

yes sir :slight_smile:

the biggest i think anyone has done so far is a 6, so we will more than likely explore new grounds so to speak

Remi, a french rider, did an 8 set in “Frogs”, sorry.

Yes, sorry I remember that now, you’re right. But he still 360’ed a 7.

Didn’t the clip end early? I heard he didn’t land… maybe it was something else in frogs.

I am learning 360s so I am in.

The 360 looked good enough to me. And he did it twice. I don’t remember either of the clips ending early lol.

Anyways, he dosn’t ride anymore. Meaning, hes not so cool lol.

I would join, but I don’t have a helmet.

i’m sure nobody would notice :wink: :wink: