360 hop spin?

Can anyone do this? I can do the 180 hop twist, but I would sure LOVE to do the whole 360 hop spin. Maybe easier to do it off of a ledge drop, but I’m talking about doing it from the ground from a static hop.:smiley:

yeah people can do it really easy most of the time. you just need to compress your tire before you hop and spin a little harder. hope that helps:)

i can do it on flat ground and i am an average rider.

Cool! Could you please post a short video of you doing a static 360 hop-spin, landing it and riding away. thanks!:slight_smile:

i can do one too. but im too lazy now to make a video of it. itll be in my future film

i dont think i have seen too many static 360s, most people usually do them rolling.

terrybigwheel, have you tried riding forward and then doing a rolling 180 and then ride off backwards? I like doing rolling 180s alot better then static ones.

another thing you could try is a 180 in the other direction. rolling or static

I like the rolling hop twist idea! I’ll try that one first, then try the 360.

I think Dan did a 540 hoptwist in defect, but I’m not sure…

yep, dan did a rolling flat land 540 in defect. as for 360’s i can do them flat land both static and rolling. just takes practice… i am going for 540’s now… much harder !
p.s you can always start by doing them off curbs then when you have that down do it flat land