360 help

I just can’t get past 180, I know I need to spin my whole body and not just pivot, and that it would be easier to turn 90 degrees before I jump, but I am still stuck. Any tips?

if u can only 180 then u are a long way off 360.
try 270s off the ground first. bend down really low, twist then jump up really high and twist.

a good way to learn 360’s is to get rolling at an average pace, jump, twist 90 degrees, land and crank your body into a second jump. Basically you are just introducing a prehop to get you spinning alot.

As you get better at that you will be able to decrease the amount of twist in the prehop to nothing, then eventualy remove the prehop.

Yeah that^^ but make the turn with your hips not your shoulders.

practise and your body will learn how to twist the full 360 by itself i reckon :sunglasses: