360 hand position

I am working on rolling 360 unispins, because i wanna be prepared when i start tryin treyflips, I was wondering what the right hand position, because i used to do one on my right side, then one in the middle.

Then cody told me then both on one side.
But luke collelto does it with his hands crossed one of each side, which one is easiest for such tricks?

i find one hand on each side helps me spin it a lot faster/more controlled.

I start with my right hand on the left side of the saddle with my left hand on the back. My right hand makes most of the spin, and lets go later in the spin to end up again on the left side.
Left hand stays on the back.

I spin to the right so I have both hands on the left side of the seat. My right hand is the front, right behind the handle and my left hand is right behind it. I have my fingers holding onto the lip of the seat on the left. Both my thumbs are stretched across the top.
When I spin it I lift it up with my back hand (left) and pull it to the side. I hold on with my right hand (in the front) all the way around and pull it into my body so it lands seat in at the end.
I had to experiment with a lot of different unispin techniques to learn treflips and thats what worked for me.

oh k, because ive been learning it that way spencer, i just didnt kno if their was a better way, do you suggest i learn rolling 360 unispins really well before i learn treyflips?
I can do rolling 180’s easy.

I use both hands on the same side aswell. My hand that’s towards the back of the seat doesn’t really do much except help me keep steady. In fact I can do 360 unispins out to in one handed (spin left, with left hand on the right)

Yeah rolling 360 unispins aren’t all THAT hard… Start out rolling up then hopping as few times as you can before 360 unispining, then eventually rolling with no hops.

Ride slowly up to your pedal position then pause a little first.

I hope that wasn’t too confusing…

I did it today, I wont show a video, because it is going into my movie, i have it all done, it is 4 minutes and 34 seconds, but i want to get in double flips and a donkey kick before i post it, it has special effects title, and credits, im exited, i think it is pretty kool.

You landed a rolling 360 unispin or a treflip?