360 flip footplant

360 flip footplant. anyone done it? any ideas for names?

Umm im not sure what your talking about bro? what is a 360 flip footplant?

well you do a footplant crankflip ie. you do a crankflip and plant your foot on something in mid air and flip, then land back on the uni. you do all this whilst doing a 360 unispin. essentially a treyflip with a footplant in the middle of it.

so…anyone done it

yes probably

i havent, but ive done footplant outflips…



footplant treyflip

Treyplant is a good idea. But any trick done with a footplant is quite a bit easier than it on flat. But treyplant is a good name. How about the lame 180 plant 180 out with a flip envolved, haha, (3flip plant i suppose). Of course with the trey idea ya could go from seat in to whatever and it would be a 3outflip plant. To me that’s how I see it, but it’s really not inventing anything new if the trick as been done on flat, more like a means to hit it on flat. (The 3outflip I’ve never seen anyone do, but it had to be done like that for the full varialflip).

-Shaun Johanneson

I have done it over a year ago, way before I learned flips. It was just supposed to be a 360 unispin foot plant and it flipped at the same time. Really easy.

treyplant is a good name. yes it should be easier than on the flat. thats the whole idea. to passers by it would probably look more impressive because they can actually see what ur doing. rather than on the flat you have to spin and flip so fast nobody can see what the hell your doing.

i would like to see a vid of it for somereason i really cant picture it in my head or maybe i just want to see what it looks like who really knows cause i dont lol

Lol I kinda liked zerotry :wink:

vids coming as soon as i can figure out how to land it.

u land it with ur feet on pedals or crank :smiley: i would only guess is right