360 degree turns

Bill Gilbertson writes:

>It doesn’t sound pretty!
and describes an alternate method of making turns.

The stall-lean-pedal technique Bill describes sounds a lot like what I do to
make 90 and 180 degree turns (I still use my arms a little) but at my present
level of skill it doesn’t seem to be enough to make it all the way around a 360
circle. Maybe after some more riding experience it will make sense.

Maybe I haven’t described my technique well enough. I haven’t videotaped myself
doing it this new way yet so I can observe my form but it feels pretty enough.
I like my technique because

a) I discovered it myself B^)
b) It doesn’t require me to change pedaling speed in mid-maneuver.
c) My arms are in a position to break my fall if I have to bail out.
d) I can stop the rotation precisley at 360 degrees by reversing the arm motion.

After reading Bill’s response, I took a closer look at my own technique. It
seems I do lean my hips in the direction of the turn as well as doing the
arm motion…

Dennis Kathrens