360 and stairs ?

How many stairs have been 360ied anyone knows ? Im going for 5 tomorow and Im wonrering if u ppl have some tips (Ive already done 4 and i am talking bout a hoptwist 360)

Dan Dorsken did a 6 set in U2.

In one of Xavier Collos’s movies, he 360’s a 5 or 6 stair…5 I think.

you look proud when you say you are going to do a 360 down a 5 set

anyway good luck i would like to see that on video

sorry this wasn’t helpful

thanks to all :smiley: no Im not proud when I sya Ima do 5 Im ust curious to kno how many have been done.

Hey everyone,
i have done a 360 in 6 stairs for “Defect”. I have tryed to do that in 7 stairs but i haven’t land it… but i vvork for it…



i think the big problem at doing 360 together with long stair jumps is the distance you have to manage. my best try were 3 stairs. but i think it’s always the same…training is the key.


ya I tiped the last stairs on my attemp so Ima giv eit another try late ron I gotta practice a bit more I think