360 advice

Any advice on how to improve my 360. I want to get a full 360 but I need that extra few degrees to get it down.

the file is called 360 almost

I’m sorry, I can’t help you but it seems like you’ll be able to help me. My best at the moment is probably around 190 degrees. The problem is that I don’t really see myself going any further because I’m sort of twisting my upper body and pulling the lower body around while I’m in the air. Once the lower body gets back in line with the upper body, I’m not turning any further.

Can you help me?


Hey, very nice video. It is always very interesting to see some unicycle tricks in videoclips. Because it is very difficult to look yourself at unicycling without a mirror. :slight_smile:
I think I have the same problem with the complete 360. When I trying the 360, I’m making all the time only the 270 degrees full. But I don’t know how I can make it better - or the whole three-sixty ?!!?


There’s a lot of good discussion in the following thread (from the middle of January):


Re: 360 advice

The 360s that I’ve seen other people do have been from a rolling forward jump rather than a static jump straight up and spin around type thing. I’ve seen Dan Heaton do it on flat ground in a parking lot on his muni. It leaves a nice crescent shaped patch of tire tread on the pavement where he takes off. It is obvious that there is a lot of force going into that jump. It’s also a quick way to wear down your tire.

andrew_carter my technique to get as far as I am now is done by practicing spinning without the uni with my grabbing hand where the handle would be on the uni. I believe that to get the most rotation you need to use the body to get it moving and lock your body to cary your momentum to finish the trick. If you figure it out before me please let me know.