36" wheel

Looking for a 36" wheel, 42mm bearings, 100mm spacing, splined, not square tapered. Anybody willing to part with one?

I’ve got a Coker Big One I’d like to sell. Not exactly what you want. Let me know.


Thanks Tom. I have a 36" Qu-ax frame with a 32" wheel and a customized Nimbus Gel seat. I built it last April with the possibility of building or buying a big wheel later. I’m ready to make that move, realizing that it may be cheaper to buy a complete 36er than to build a wheel. All that to say I’ll keep your uni in mind as I consider my next move, thank you again.

Coker has fixed the pricing on their stand-alone 36" wheel (more than doubled) but it is still not a bad deal for the rim and spokes. You would need to re-build it with a Nimbus or Qu-Ax 48 hole hub.

Or if you wanted you could use a 36h hub and build with 24 spokes. It’s not as crazy as it sounds. Mine survived just fine, even after being cut into three pieces and re-built.

Or you could buy a used 36er… sometimes it’s nice not having to swap out wheels. :wink:

Thanks Eric. I like the idea of buying a state-of-the-art lightweight wheel build, like I see on Mountainuni.com, but I didn’t see a way to contact them on their website, only how to “add to cart” from their product offerings. I now have three complete unis, so while I appreciate the simplicity of not having to swap parts around, I’m trying to do more with less if possible. Thanks again for your input, I’m considering all options. Have a great New Year!