36" wheel

If you have a spare 36" wheel and would like sell it please let me know.

Still looking to buy a 36" wheel or rim

Clarification: I am trying to build a 36" ultimate wheel, So I need the rim, tube and tire. But if you want to sell a whole built wheel (rim, spoke and hub) with or without tire let me know also.

Just in case you didn’t know, the nightrider 36er tire is on sale at UDC this month. Some hubs are as well.

Bump. Still looking for 36" rim, tub and tire.

I just listed an unused Coker wheel on Ebay today.
I’m in So Cal.

I also have another one I want to get rid of with about 6 broken spokes, but the rim is true.


PM sent.

I have a 36 airfoil rim with a radial tire and tube I will sell