36" wheel

hello, i am only 12 but i would like to buy a coker 36" wheel unicycle! i was wondering if i would be able to mount it. i am about 5.2 feet tall. i was also wondering if you knew where i could get a used or new one for a low price. thank you!

5.2 feet or 5’2’’? Either way, you should be fine.


I’m 5’ 1" and I can mount a Coker.

Your inseam, not your height, determines your ability to mount a Coker. This is ALWAYS the case. If someone near you has a 36" unicycle, try it out. It may involve buying and cutting down a seatpost but they are cheap. Short cranks make it easier for a short-legged person to ride big wheels.

People who have been on this forum for a while should realize that leg length, not height, is the determining factor. A long waisted 5’6" person with little stubby legs and a 20" inseam won’t be riding a Coker even with 125mm cranks. A 4’6" short waisted person that is all legs could ride one with 150mm cranks. Think first, then post.

Your information block indicates you are from Georgia. If you are in the Atlanta area, consider a trip to the Unicycle.com showroom. I’m sure they would let you try a 36" uni.

Yes, shorter cranks make it much easier …

Oh most definitely, the shortest cranks i had on my coker was 102mm and let me tell you now. Did that make me reach insane speeds. :astonished:


thanks guys you have been alot of help! i have been to the unicycle.com store many times befor. i am hoping to go there and try one soon!