36 wheel Unicycle

Used O.K. looking to move up and trade my Nimbus 29 or buy.
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I may be selling my 36er. Not my new KH 36er, but my other one. I’ll know soon and it’s in great condition with coker pi bar, 4 pairs of cranks, canti brake, ff saddle, airfoil alum rim that’s true and super strong, and nightrider tire. I also kept the kh box so I could ship it in that. Not interested in trade.

Does it still count as a UNIcycle if it has 36 wheels? Seems specious to me…


John M


If Florida isnt interested I may be.
How much are you thinking?

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I have a 36-er for sale… check her out: Nimbus Nightrider 36" Uni with Qu-Qx Air Saddle For Sale!!!