36" Wheel for Sale - Not for Sale, Modified Posting Coming soon

Hello everyone,

I’m looking to sell my 36" Qu-Ax 48 spoke 36" Wheel with the tire, rotor, and spare tube. All have plenty of life left in them.

The reason for selling is I’m going to be building a 36" wheel on an existing hub I have. Price will be $450 shipped within North America.

if interested please message me, I’m willing to negotiate, I can also add a crank set, the disc brake or some other spare parts I have around

Is that a Coker tire?

Hi Jim,

It may be, it’s this model here:

I’ve yet to weight it is to see if it’s the light version or not, but I think it’s the regular road tire.

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The Hub is really nice I think. It’s a really nice uni. But I don’t needed. If 2 36" unis and that’s enough for me. The Price is also good.

Good luck to find a buyer for this nice 36" Uni.

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