36" wheel alignment

I purchased a Nimbus Nightrider Pro a couple months ago, and I recently noticed that when I’m walking around with it the wheel catches a bit of extra friction at one spot (not noticeable when I’m riding). On closer examination, I noticed that the brake seemed to be off-center, and on an even closer examination, it looks like the wheel needs to be aligned a bit. Anyone know how I can go about doing this? I’m not too good with this kind of thing. :o


A spoke wrench costs around 5$, it costs 20$ to get it done at my bike shop.

Thank you for that useful information my good man.

This may not be the issue you’re having but, I had a similar problem with my Nimbus ISIS 29".

At first, I noticed a slight drag, or friction, as you mentioned. I didn’t think much of it until I turned the uni on its saddle and rotated it freely. It then became apparent that there was a real problem.

Turned out that the right bearing had slid a bit to the right, away from the hub. This caused the wheel to be out-of-center, and also it made the bearing holders start to rub against the crank arm as it rotated. After taking the frame and cranks off, gently tapping the bearing back down using a soft mallet and seapost clamp put it back into position. This was done twice by two separate bike shops, and a third time by me (after watching closely at the bike shops). Hopefully, it won’t happen again. If it does, I’ll be getting some BMX spacers and having my LBS install them properly.

After being fixed, my uni actually feels easier to ride! That friction definitely made a difference in how hard I had to pedal, especially on longer rides.

also, make sure that the frame is not:

a. bent
b. asymmetrically welded