36 vs 29

is there a big enough difference of speed and tire size for me to buy a coker? i have a nimbus 29:) and love it but i am just wondering

i would also like to know

Yes, they are two different experiences.
I presently have a 24, 29, and 36. My 29 sits alone and neglected for months at a time.

The 29" begins to give the feel of a big wheel, but only a taste. The big 36 smooths out the road, allows you swoop (bank) around turns, and is natural for distance rides. Those more skilled than do much more.

Also try searching, there has been a lot written about this.

if your 29er sits so much I could take it off your hands:D

I don’t have my 29" yet, but I struggled with this question too. I have a 24" muni, which is awesome for hit’n the hilly single track. However, I’ve been doing most of my rides on my 36" coker. It is so fast and fun on single track as long as there aren’t any long steep hills. And because the wheel is so big, it rides over bumps real easy. But the 36" wheel flex’s too much to jump up stairs.

I need something I can do steep hills with, go fast on the flat single track, and have a rigid enough wheel to jump up and down stairs. Based on that, I decided to get a 29" with a Schlumpf hub. Should get it in a couple of months I hope. Geared up, its a 43.5" wheel, so I should be able to go faster than on my 36", which I can already go too fast on. Geared down, I’m hoping I can still hit the steep hills. It seams like it may deliver the best of both worlds.

My point is, you need to understand what you want it for.

ya if I had the money I would get a kh29 with geard hub but I can’t so it’s ether 29 or 36:o

I have a 24, 29 and 36. My 24 is the neglected one. The 29 is a nice compromise between maneuverability and speed.

If you are looking for a bit more speed, you could go to shorter cranks on the 29. Mine has 125’s (which I am comfortable with). When I bought my 29 from Darren Bedford, he highly recommended 114 cranks. I tried them for a while, but my commute is hilly and I never really got comfortable with the shorter length.

I ride between 8 and 9 mph on the 29. On the Coker, its 10-12 mph, though I’ve only been actively riding about a month, and I’m riding 150 mm cranks. I will likely move to 140 mm on the Coker.

As many on the forum will tell you, a Coker (36) is a totally different experience and it’s not just the increased speed. You can’t really compare the two.


24/29 ?

Well I did have my mind made up on a KH24 … but after reading this thread, I’m hesitating.

I currently have a 20" and have definitely decided that I want something faster. I’ve got two (probably conflicting) requirements:

  1. Something that I can use instead of my MTB for cross-country riding over the South Downs - mostly swoopy trails with a few steep climbs/descents.

  2. Something that I can take on the train to use for my London commute (currently use my 20" - this fits nicely under the train seat, but makes for a 50 min ride across London).

So I’d pretty much decided on a KH24, thinking that it’ll probably still fit on the train, but will also allow me to ride the ride the Downs at a sensible pace.

However, not having ridden anything other than my 20" (and not knowing any other unicyclist around Worthing to beg a test ride from) it sounds from your comments that I’ll find the 24" too slow and should go for a 29er. I don’t intend doing big drop-offs, or pushing/carrying my uni around, I just want to ride without wishing I’d bought something different!

I’m pretty sure a 29er won’t fit on the train so, if I go for a 29" MUni, I’ll build up a cheap and cheerful 24 for commuting.

(btw, I’m a reasonably competent rider - can freemount easily and am quite happy riding 6-7 miles without dismount. Still haven’t sussed staying still, but can go veeeeery slowly :slight_smile: )

Can anyone help sort out my confusion?

For the South Downs Way there has been a recent relevant thread:

I’m pretty sure a large light bag can quickly disguise a 29er to allow it to be carried on the train, there have been a few posts about this over the years. Joe Marshall being a fan of using a duffle bag.

Other people train/Coker to London regularly, see Barry’s photo and article (I believe the reporter stopped him in the street):

Why don’t you head West to BUC in a few weeks? There you’ll (probably) be able to find plenty 24’s,26’s,29ers and 36" wheels to try.


I really would consider at KH 29, having ridden South Downs Way myself, it would have been much harder on a 24 due to the ease with which it rolls over rough ground. Also a 24" isnt much fun on non technical ground, too slow to be exciting. I’ve taken unicycles of all sizes on the train and tube undisguised.

Here is how I would decide:

If you are going to ride mostly on the road/gravel/flat trails, go with the 36er. It is a blast, especially when you first get it. You will start challenging yourself to increase your distance and speed and you sit so high up it is just a fun, smooth, fast ride.

If you are going to ride singletrack, moderate terrain, xc terrain, short distances, then go with the 29.

I went from my schwinn 20" years ago to buying a 29er and I had a blast on it, but found that I mostly was riding on the road with it. I soon got a 36er and it felt so much nicer on long distance rides. The 36er was faster, smoother, and significantly more fun when riding on bike paths and the road. I hardly used the 29er for almost 2 years after getting my 36er because I was having too much fun with the 36er and was only riding on the road.

More recently I have built up a KH29er muni and taken it on some challenging singletrack here and I have been having a blast riding offroad with it. My 36er is the one being neglected now. Having a 24 is out of the question for me right now because there really isnt enough challenging extremely technical terrain out here in VA/DC/MD, but doing the same terrain on the 29er makes it interesting.

It sounds to me like the few people who were asking in this thread would do better with a 29er than a 24er if it came down between those two unicycles. However, if you are going to be on the road mostly and want to have a blast going fast then I would recommend the 36er over the 29er.

Hope that helped.