36" unicycles look silly

Am I the only unicyclist who thinks 36" unicycles look out of proportion - they’re not proper unicycles they’re more like half a penny farthing.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure you are the only one…at least I hope so

A unicycle hater in a unicyclist community…dude I hope you’re the only one. :thinking:

Maybe unicycling isn’t for you if you’re terribly concerned about looking silly.

Yes, you are the only one.

+1, ya beat me to it.

And yes it does look like half a penny farthing… Because it is. At least some historical accounts say that the unicycle was born from the penny farthing, so in a way little unicycles just look out of proportion.

Actually, I find that large wheels look more serious and small wheels less so. I suppose there’s an argument for saying a 36" is just too big and therefore looks less cool than a 29er…

I like riding 36 and do it when I get the chance, so maybe it’s also a case of what you like riding!

There’s no reason not to think unicycles of any kind look silly though - they kinda do!

Indeed - and 20" unicycles look like the other half.

Has anyone built a tandem penny-farthing yet?


I like my unicycles like I like my women.

Gimme a big a** wheel :smiley:

(Eddie Murphy’s 'The P.J.'s reference)

I think this is a reasonable point and there’s no need to pile on for bringing it up. It’s debatable what constitutes a “proper” unicycle (for instance, is my ultimate wheel in the conversation?) but wheel size at either extreme is certainly distinctive (from my 12" to my 36"). To me there’s a definite difference in feel between a 29" which feels like a “proper” unicycle and a 36" which feels like something else entirely. I think body size also comes into play. When I go on a big wheel ride with a friend who is considerably taller than me I sometimes hear comments which sound like some people think my unicycle is taller than his when it’s the same size.


I’m trying to picture a unicycle that doesn’t look silly. I’m not seeing it.

All unicycles look cool. But I often walk my 20" wherever I’m going to practice, because it feels silly to ride along with a low seat at walking speed.

Yes, while the 36er may look a bit silly, they are a BLAST to ride!

I would say graceful

best picture I’ve seen for years


Now here is when 36ers are silly

A pile of Schlumpf’s with none being ridden

nah, even non unicyclists think they look badass when you fly past them at 18mph :stuck_out_tongue:

I think a 36er looks more proportional than any other size wheel. I even like wheels larger than that, the semcycle big wheel looks great!

a 20 looks odd and feels squirrelly

That’s good, but there’s something missing. I know, how about the same pile, only BIGGER! :smiley:

For me, it’s a 6’ adult on a 20" that looks out of proportion. But part of this comes from starting out in unicycling at a time where almost everybody was riding 24" wheels; one wheel for everything. It was convenient, if not very specialized. Switching to a 20" wheel after four years had me looking strange with that little wheel under me.

Before that, I was already the owner of a 45" wheel. A very different proportion, but looking great in my eyes. Also, that size is a little closer to an actual adult-sized penny-farthing wheel. A 36" penny-farthing is for kids.

I like the 36" size; it’s a nice adult-sized wheel. I just wish it wasn’t so heavy.

Great picture

Ah ha, that was the pile after the nongeared uni’s were tossed on