36" Unicycle

I am not picky, but I really want to get a big wheel, soon.

I live in Pullman, WA, and am happy to negotiate shipping costs

I don’t have much money, so shipping and Uni combined I’m thinking an upper price limit of around $550, but I’d prefer to pay only around $450.

Price is of course negotiable, so please don’t hesitate to tell me what you got!


I haven’t purchased one from here but eBay has a Coker Big One that Coker Tire is selling new for $439.95 shipped. It doesn’t come with handlebar or brake but it’s a start if one of your offers don’t work out.

You can buy directly from Coker

You can buy one directly from Coker at http://www.cokercycles.com/coker-big-one-unicycle/ for $439.95 with free shipping (click on the tire tread that you want). You can select the tire tread, seat post material, saddle color, and crank length. You can add a handle bar or brakes for $50 each. You even get a T-shirt.

this might interest you