36" Unicycle

I’m looking for a 36" unicycle. No preference to any brand, i don’t mind if it is very old or even a bit damaged. As long as it works, i would be interested in buying it. Willing to pay up to £140ish and i’m in the UK so a UK seller would be preferable due to postage costs.

Thanks, Mike

I’m selling a 36" Coker - model the Big One for £150. Price inclides spare inner tube and cranks, if your interested. I bought it at BJC last year, fell off it, and have only ridden it once or twice since/

I’ve just bought 1 off of ebay for £132. I’m off too pick it up tomorrow but if it’s in a really poor condition or something like that, i’ll not buy it as i’m paying cash. Could you hold your offer until tomorrow afternoon maybe?
Thanks very much, Mike

Got 1

Got my coker, thanks for the offer though.