36' Unicycle

Hi everyone,

I was planning on buying the Nimbus Nightrider Pro 36 on unicycle.com when I stumbled upon this site. I figured I’d ask around here to see first off, if all of you thought that this would be a good unicycle to do some commuting and long distance riding on, and also if anyone had a used 36’ they were looking to sell. I live in Nova Scotia, and would be willing to pay for all shipping of course. I’d really appreciate any input.

Thanks to everyone for reading this.


That is an excellent unicycle for commuting/distance etc. 36ers pop up for sale on here every once in a while but shipping those things is a killer, especially if it is from the states.

You mention unicycle.com, I would buy it from their sister company here in Canada municycle.ca. They have free shipping on larger orders, you won’t have any surprise duties or brokerage fees to pay, and Pete is a pleasure to deal with.

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Thanks for the reply. I noticed that the Nimbus is on sale on unicycle.com but not on the Canadian site, does the Canadian site ever offer sales like this one?

municycle.ca has their own sales and deals. A sale on 36ers might come up but don’t count on it.

Take a look at exchange rates and you will see that the UDC nimbus pro will be only $4 less than the municycle.ca nimbus pro. Add in shipping, currency conversion charges (I think mastercard charged me an additional 2%) and brokerage fees (about $120 when I got a 36er from the states) and you will find that you will be saving hundreds of dollars by paying full price in Canada instead of paying sale price in the states.

Your right, I’ve bought things from the states before and have paid pretty big brokerage fees.

So I think I will go ahead and get the Nimbus from municycle.ca, I just have a few quick questions. What size cranks would be good for someone who has done some trials but no longer distance riding? Should I just go with the stock cranks? Also, would you recommend getting the magura brake option? Does the brake make that much of a difference?

Thanks so much for your help

I am a big fan of experimenting with crank lengths to see what works well for you, this is a bit more expensive with an ISIS hub but the Qu-Ax cranks aren’t too expensive. 150s are great to start on but if you ride mostly road they quickly start to feel sort of long. I mostly rode 125s but would switch between different lengths for different types of rides.

I really liked having a brake on my 36 and ended up using them considerably more when using shorter cranks. You could probably get magura brakes considerably cheeper if you watch eBay. I would get the mounts when you buy the unicycle but hold out on the brake itself.