36" unicycle

Anyone know of any good deals on a 36" unicycle or on which they would recomend?

I would also appreciate it if someone could tell me… Can a break be fitted to any unicycle or would i have to buy one which says it is compatable? Stupid question i know but i don’t want to go wrong.

All replies appreciated


I don’t know about the 36’er question, but a break could be fitted to almost any uni depending on what you want to spend, and your ingenuity. For smaller tires you can get away with a caliper break and drilling a hole in the frame. Larger tires might require posts to be welded or brazed onto the frame, or if you can find Moot’s Mounts (strap on break mounts} that fit the diameter of your frame tubes. For really large tires >2.6, you will need to be really inventive, or use Magura’s with brazed/welded mounts.:wink:

kh 36’’ is sweet

Yeah, what my good friend said. :smiley:

Thanks for the replies. Anyone know where i can get a KH36 for less than £460?? This semms a bit steep… Anyone know is it worth the price??

totaly worth the price…

i dont have one but i’m sure it worth the price, it’s a really good price.

KH unicycles are top quality, but the question of “is it worth the price” is up to you.

The Nimbus Nightrider Pro is quite an amazing 36er, and it is a fair bit cheaper.

You won’t go wrong with either 36er, but one may be better than the other for you.

Here is why the KH is more expensive:
-It has a lighter, stiffer frame. The frame also has 42mm bearing holders which means you can fit an Isis hub.
-With that said, the KH36 comes with the KH Moment Isis hub and KH Moment cranks. These are quality components that will take much abuse if you plan to go off road a lot and go off big drops, however the cranks are HEAVY, which is not always great for road riding.

So…the Nimbus Nightrider, comes with an ISIS super wide hub, which actually should make the wheel stronger than the KH wheel. It comes with lightweight qu-ax cranks which are not great for offroad or big drops, but I have had no problems taking my lightweight cranks offroad, so they should still work for you unless you are really big/heavy or have bad technique.

Okay, so in sum, the KH is worth the money depending on what you need. I still recommend the Nimbus Nightrider over the KH36 if money is an issue though because it is quite an excellent unicycle with a lot of the same components as the KH36. A KH36 is great, but if I were to buy one, I would take off the Moments and put on lightweight qu-ax cranks if I were to be riding on the road.

Hope that helped.

Thanks for all the replies. I feel like ive been give a warm welcome:)

I would be using the 36" for cycles to peoples houses and the shop (say 4 mile roughly). I currently do this on a 24" or sometimes my kh20. I live amoungst the Irish country side. Roads not always great conditions. (pot holes, slants, uneven). Its up a steep hill and down a steep hil, then up a steep hilll …you get the message :wink:

I dont mind dissing out the higher cash if needs be ( i.e KH36) as im lucky to have the money at the min. but obiviously, if i can get a 36" which is more suitable to my needs and cheaper all the better. However, i dont want to have to ever buy another 36" so i need one that will last.

Thanks for you help


The Nimbus Nightrider will meet all your needs.

You can’t really go wrong with either the KH36 or the Nimbus Nightrider Pro.

The choice is ultimately up to you.

Random good thing about each one:

Nimbus Nightrider Pro - You can lock both the frame and the wheel, unlike any other stock uni frame.

KH - It comes stock with dual drilled 125/150mm cranks, so you can easily swap your crank length by moving the pedals without having to take off the cranks (a huge plus). You can of course get these cranks for the ISIS Nimbus Nightrider Pro as well.

I guess as I have said it mainly comes down to the frame. The KH frame is lighter and flexes less supposively, but the Nightrider frame looks cooler, is cheaper(but heavier), and from my experience works quite well.

I still think the Nightrider Pro wheelbuild is going to be stronger though because it has a super wide hub.

Either way, you will enjoy your 36, both are great!

I think i’ll have to go for the Nimbus Nightrider. Thanks for all your time and help