36" Unicycle Shipping Service?

I was wondering what everyone has used to ship their unicycle. I’m looking to ship a nimbus 36. Do you use a certain shipping service? Or do you just wrap it up and take it to UPS/USPS/FedEx.


I just used a cardboard box I had on hand. It was a liitle big but I cut it down. I shipped a 24 inch and the box measured 28x28x6 @15 pounds.

I have used UPS several times to ship a 36er packed in a cardboard box. When you get an estimate be sure to check week days. Sometimes the cost is higher if you ship on the weekend.

You can also ship large items through greyhound.

check out bikeflights.com

I used it last time I had to ship a bike and it saved me a bunch of money.

Yeah, Greyhound freight Xpress. Unbeknownst to me until i got my Nightrider. Ships within the 48 states, they ship people and packages too:D

Wonder if they ever ship people IN packages…

Hey everyone. Thanks for your help so far. I’m going to go with either greyhound or bikeflights (depending on the $$ and efficiency).

I just wrapped and put my unicycle in a large cardboard bike box and taped it shut using green and black duct tape.

Do I need to have a clean cardboard surface (free of duct tape and bike box decals) or am I good to go? I’m wondering if I need to do use a solid wrapping paper surface before shipping.

Thanks again!

Mine came in a bike box from Greyhound with tons of shipping tape, not sure if that’s any different from duct tape. It was like only 5 or 6 days from NY to CA. Greyhound gave me a call when it arrived. I just had to pick it up from the nearest station.

Btw, that’s a very nice Impulse you have sold (lucky new owner). If I hadnt bought mine earlier, I would have easily picked it up from you in the Bay Area.

I think as long as the box and taped areas are fairly smooth, so it won’t get hung up on whatever type of conveyors it may run on. Decals and printing on the box are no big deal, I usually try and cover up any barcodes with black marker so their scanning devices don’t get confused, but I don’t even think that is necessary.