36" Unicycle Race in Africa...

This is our first “long” distance race in our preparation for the 94.7 cycle challenge. I know its not that far ito Global unicycling but hey we are only doing this for 3months now…:slight_smile: this is the url : <Unicycle 36 Race - YouTube;

Cool, looks fun. Was that Afrikaans they were speaking? Can you put captions?

Jip that Afrikaans you heard there…Sorry bout that will edit it asap…

Dude I tried but not sure how to do it, do you know how,??!!!

You might be able to use annotations.

Jip got it now, thanks for the help now you’ll understand;-)

Cool, thanks, now I understand it. Looks like you got lucky with the weather! It was cool when you passed the guys on bikes. :slight_smile:

Wow. Loved the vid. Cant beleive you have been all riding for 3 months! ( if I understood right)

Congrats. you have skill…

Awesome video! Not enough 36r videos out there. Favorited and 5*****

Great video Ruan, well done. Possibly one of the best 36" videos I’ve seen so far. Looks like you guys had a great time. Loved it when the kids were running next to you, have had that a once before and the excitement on their faces is infectious :slight_smile:

Well we’ve been riding 36" for 3months now. I’m unicycling for about a year now, the other two guys 4 and 6 years, so between us we’ve done a few years.:wink:

very good
nice ride
that one kid could really run

Great video. I loved the status updates alone the way. you are all Looking strong. only a few weeks till the 94.7km!

that was n great vid ruan… I must say it was a really fun race… my hope is to see more uni’s riding together, insted of only us three… there will be more to come and as far as i know we are going to do our first offroad race this weekend. cant wait cuase that is where my heart lies…

Great to look back and see how the “comunity” of riders has grown over the past year in South Africa!! Watching this vid and I kinda miss riding my 36…