36" Unicycle Inseam Requirement

Hi guys, I’m new to the forum and am pretty new to unicycling (started in December). I was just wondering if there are any shorter people on the forum riding a 36" unicycle since they all seem to require at least a 29" inseam.

I’m currently riding a 20" torker lx with a 300mm seatpost that required a 28" inseam. At the lowest setting it’s still pretty uncomfortable and I’ve been planning on getting the seat post cut for a couple months now (yes, I procrastinate a lot). RTL has inspired me to buy a 36" Nimbus or Coker sometime in the near future, but with a 30" minimum inseam requirement for a 36" uni with handles installed I’m not too sure if I will be able to ride one.

I’m hoping to find someone on the forum that’s riding a 36" uni with a 28-30" inseam, so I know it’s possible.


there isn’t much of a limit to who can ride what uni… the limits on inseams are stupid (except on 36"+ unicycles) … but a 28" inseam leaves you 10" of extra room for cranks and seat height before you can’t reach pedals.

You could always mod your pedals somehow so that they are a few inches thicker…

EDIT: like this pic:

There are a few 36 riders about 5 ’ on the forum

I am not sure what the practical lower limit is, but I am sure it is a lot shorter then 5’ tall , or 150 cm.

Besides cutting the seat post down, it is also possible to take a few inches off the top of the frame.

I don’t know why so many sites list inseam requirements. They don’t seem useful at all. Go ahead and buy a 36, unless you are way south of 5’.:slight_smile:

yes I know of a nimbus in the Uk, owned by a couple of different members of this forum, that was cut down to get people 5 foot tall on it. It retained the T7 handle, but 125 cranks had to be used to decrease the inseam requirement.

I’m 5’6" with quite short legs even for my height and I’ve got a Nimbus 36" that I can ride comfortably with 150 cranks and still leave about 50mm of downward adjustment on the seat post.

You could get on of these:


My two cents:
Get a Nimbus 36. Cut down the seat post; if that isn’t short enough for you, cut up to 1.5" off the top of your frame, dremel in a new slot and drill a new hole (for the seat clamp to pressurize the seat post).

Louise, my girlfriend, is 5’2" and rides a N36 with 150mm cranks. (but prefers 125 or 140mm).


I don’t think that frame is necessary anymore. The n36 works fine.


With a 29" inseam, I have to cut the necks down on most my unicycles. The 36" wheels can be cut down to fit me. Here is a related tread.

If you need like a 28" inateam to ride preferably, I’ll be fine! (whoo whoo!)
That was my main worry about getting a 36", other than mounting the thing!

Messed up my previous link, hope this works.

also 36" inseam helps for when you dismount OVER the wheel :astonished:

Great! Thanks for all the quick replies. Once I get the money (I’m a poor college biology student) I think I’ll get a 36" nimbus!