36" Uni for 30" Inseam - Saratoga, CA

I’m a 5’6" unicyclist with a relatively short 30" inseam and want to move up to the big leagues. My 20" and 26" aren’t enough! I can barely do ten miles on my 26" Torker LX, partly because of the “torturous” seat, and partly because of its incredibly long crank arms.

I’m considering the shorty-friendly Nightfox with its disc brake from unicycle.com for ~$900, but the price is hard for me to justify.

I’ve seen sweet unis go for less than half of that around here. Maybe somebody within a few hours of Saratoga, CA (map) has a 36" gathering dust? Preferably with handlebars and a brake installed… or maybe even a water bottle holder, dare I wish!

For anyone who’s interested in bartering, there are two items I’m looking to trade away: a red, solid-steel exercise bike from Schwinn, and a bench press that’s gathering dust in my room (with probably 60 - 70 lbs of weights). The exercise bike is pretty nice and I used it for about a year; it looks like this one, but red (image). I had to stop using it because of my knees. I can’t transport either of these as they’re heavy and massive, so unless you’ve a truck, no dice on the bartering front.

I’d also be willing to barter my skills as an instructor and programmer.