36" Tyres

There have been a lot of threads recently with talk of the tyres for the various 36ers (Coker, Qu-ax, Nimbus) and theer are a lot of people who ride a variety of different set ups here.

Currently there are only 2 tyres available, The wheels TA and the Coker. However, with recent problems with variation in both tyre size and rim size there is only one tyre available for a number of us.

The TA which is the only tyre to fit on the latest batch of Airfoil rims is great for road riding but in my experience it is useless in the wet. riding over mud or grass it just slides around.

Now a lot of people use 36ers for crosss country type riding and if there is only the TA available then that is restrictive. If enough people were to write to tyre manufacturers such as Kenda or Maxxis, it is possible that one of them would agree to produce a decent cross country tyre for a 36 inch wheel.

I would love to try a 36 inch Kenda Klaw, the 29 is great and comes as standard on the KH 29 which is ideal for cross country.

To get an idea of how popular it could be, how many people would be interested in a decent 36 inch XC tyre? With such a limited range available would it be in the best interests of one of the major manufacturers producing a tyre like this?


I would be interested in one, but the problem is that the frame doesn’t have enough clearance, and to make a frame that would have enough clearance would hit your legs when your peddalling. So I don’t think alot of people would like it.

If someone made a 36" Endomorph-type monster tire, I’d build a frame for it just for fun!

You could decrease the aspect ratio of the tyre to reduce its wall height, so even with knobbles it would fit the frame. My nimbus 36" has over half an inch of clearance over the TA tyre so there’s some room to play with. A mild knobbly would be useful, but wouldn’t be great on the road and it would be hard to swap over tyres or wheels for different riding.