36” tyres opinions please

Currently have a nimbus nightrider lite on my 36er.
I wouldn’t mind getting a spare 36” tyre what is everyone’s opinions on the tyres that are available.
My riding style is canal paths so a varied mix of terrain.

Vee Tire T-Monster (on Nextie 36" carbon rim) is a nice ride. M4O and Unicycle.com sells them but they are likely also available through other non unicycle dealers.

Personally I hate noisy knobby tires on asphalt but to me suprise it’s very silent and smooth. So far I have only ridden it on asphalt as I am still riding some easy routes on the 36" (it’s my first). Btw. I ride it at approx 45psi (~3bar).

It’s a very tight fit on Nextie rim and I would rate it as one of the most difficult tires I have tried to mount (and I have done a lot in my many years of two-wheel riding). But as others also mentioned that is an advantage as the tire is then less likely to blow off the rim.

Another option is the Qu-Ax King George Ultimate but I think it’s very likely that it’s essentially the same (Innova tire) as as the Nightrider Lite except for the thread but maybe @rogeratunicycledotcom can/wants to confirm or reject that observation.

For reference the Nightrider Lite is indeed a Innova tire as of now.


I am familiar with the nimbus nightrider lite and the king george ultimate (I have one of each on my 36" and my G36, both with brauss carbon rim). I have a preference for the KG utlimate, I feel a real difference when turning. It’s not a matter of weight. There is 30g between my two tyres (the nimbus nightrider lite is 1250g and the KG ultimate is 1220g).

EDIT : I use them almost exclusively on the road (sometimes also on towpaths). I always ride on rolling terrain and inflate my tyres to between 35 and 50 psi (never below, never above, I weigh 70kg fully clothed). At the moment I’m on 35 psi with my 36" and the nimbus NR lite, as I’ve already had a tyre blowing problem. I will soon order a KG ultimate as a replacement (I use this unicycle to commute in town and to ride on mountain roads, I climbed the Mt Ventoux this summer).


I just got the king george ultimate and i will write a review of it in a few weeks time. I can only compare it to the standard nightrider, but I want a nightrider lite too, so I can compare all 3 for a review.
Im looking forward to the next containerfull for unicycle.uk, se and de.

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… with the NR lite; What happened?
I always feel a bit anxious first time pumping up a tyre and hardly dare go up to the recommended max 3,5 bar on the KG ultimate.

It’s a tire I’ve had for a long time (since the nightrider lite is available on the market). I left my unicycle in the car in the sun after climbing the mont ventoux last july. Since then, it is damaged, it threatens to blow out again.

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Thats not good news for my NR lite that blew off my Nextie this week. I wonder how it would fare in a hooked/dominater 2 rim?

A few thoughs about the ultimate tyre.
It’s much lighter and you’ll feel that right away. It makes mounting easier because the wheel is easy to get going. I can sort of idle with 125cranks, that’s how well it rolls.
Here’s the but(t): it rides very differently. To save weight they had to take it from somewhere and therefore the sidewalls are much thinner - as I understand it. But I can feel it too. The wall feels much softer when I press on them. I think the rubber may be a different compound too, but I’m not sure.

For me this all translates to a tyre that is light and smooth to ride, but very sensitive to road camber. That’s the one negative I have.

I’ll be getting the nightrider lite soon. And I I’m looking forward to compare them all.

Ps. The reason for the delay is I got a new job and moved to another town. The wet, foggy pictures I posted is the new, more hilly place I’m now at.


I guess I can tell you that next mounth.

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