36" Tires

Anybody know of any 36" MTB tires out there? Everything with any semblance of knobbage is unavailable.


36" VEETIRECO T-Monster 36x2.25 (57-787)


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“Weight: 460g”
That’s a really light tire :laughing:


To be fair the correct weight is also listed just above :wink:


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Confirmed from the manufacturer


Cut and Paste Victim … or , Perhaps, if you inflate with a very very light gas … ?


Thank you! I just ordered 2.

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Two? Seems a lot for a unicycle. :laughing:


It may not be for a Muni! :stuck_out_tongue:

You can order 2 for 2 36" Unicycle.

If 3 36" unis. :grin:

Sorry, it’s not a UNI.


Such a beast! Braus Carbon rims, right? How much does this bike weigh?

Crazy Bike dude.:sunglasses:

People on these forums really need to stop making me want a 32h Braus rim Schlumpf 36er.

I know the Nextie holds some promise but this rim somehow looks better and I feel more reassured when I see it stocked at UDC UK.

But 32h and presta and the fact I’ve not see it running a NightRider tyre (sure it can… but always seems to be other tyres) I’m still cautious.

But wow. That b*ke looks great :star_struck:


I have a Nightrider Lite on my Braus rim and it works great - better than a King George Lite IMHO :slight_smile:

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That’s ace to know. More tempted still.

Do you know if you could drill valve hole to fit Schrader - I know the facts that you can use a 29” tube but I’d feel calmer about being able to run stock 36” tubes from UDC.

Thanks :pray:

I don’t know but I wouldn’t mess up with carbon. :confused:

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Should be possible to drill, just use a nice bit. It will chip a little and probably need light sanding but some of the Foss or possibly other brands too have tubes with aluminum stems that wouldn’t care about a slightly sharp hole.

Edit: Just realized this is for 36” and the selection of tubes probably doesn’t have an aluminum stem option so you would have to smooth out the hole really well after drilling but it shouldn’t be too much work.

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No, but a rather nice :bike: – that chainring to the big plate-of-a-cog on the back is just excellent! – and an Industry-Nine hub by the looks of things (and Hope floating rotors?)

I would use a Dremel tool rather than a drill. Less chance of chipping. They sell chainsaw grinding bits for them that would be perfect for the job.

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