36" Tires / Tubes / Rims for sale

I built a 36" bicycle 3 months ago. Purchased items for wheel build. 2 Nimbus stealth 36 hole rims. Purchased 3 Nimbus Nightrider Light 36" tires. Purchased 4 Nimbus light inner tubes. Wheels were built and ridden around the block. Fit was much too tight on rear of bike. I even cut off all the “nubs” on one of the tires to give more room. I decided to build up some carbon wheels with T-monster rubber and Vee tubes. Two tires were mounted but have 0 miles on them. One tire never mounted. Two of the 4 tubes were installed. They still have air in them. Two of the tubes are new. Rims have no miles on them. One of the rims has a small nick in sidewall from shipping. I want to sell the entire lot - tires - tubes - rims to single buyer. Not interested in splitting and dealing with multiple shipments. I will only ship in continental U.S. Will ship in two packages - rims in one box (well protected) - tires and tubes in another box. I will need $300 for the items and $120 shipping. Paypal only - will send invoice - paypal goods and services. Two day handling time please. Thanks

It would help others who might be interested if you gave more specifics and pics.


I am not selling to you. After your comments on Nextie. Piss off

I wasn’t interested in buying, especially from someone with an attitude like that. Good luck selling your stuff.

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I’m of the opinion Terry was trying to help you. Can’t sell something if your buyer can’t picture it.

Anyway, I won’t be your buyer as I’m not based in the US. Good luck.


He is an ass. Go back and read posts and his comments to me on Nextie 36er blog. Totally inappropriate. Tired of the jerk. I don’t really care if the items sell or not. Just trying to provide unicyclists opportunity to get some cheap wheels. Appreciate your comments.

Hi, please settle your arguments in private, don’t be rude, and let’s focus on the trade thing here.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I don’t know who you’re talking about but that wasn’t me, and I’m not the only one to have pointed this out before. My comments about Nextie, which were totally valid, was the fact that they claimed the nightrider tire mounted to the Nextie 36er rim would hold just fine at 60psi. This was absolutely not the case, which is why so many of those who purchased these rims were justifiably upset.

Btw, your previous post where you inexplicably attacked me was flagged and removed, so I would suggest that you refrain from making false and disrespectful claims about me or any other members.

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If you already know that the person, which you wanted to help, isn’t particularly fond of you or your comments, instead of giving them potentially highly unwanted advice/critique in public on a rather personal post, one might better and easily give said unsolicited well-intended advice by personal message. :email: That’s my piece of unsolicited advice here. :sweat_smile:

While I agree that pictures are always nice :framed_picture: , the description appears detailed and complete to me.

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