36'' - setting up the cycle computer

I have to enter the circumfence of my 36’’ into the cycle computer /odometer/ cyclometer to set it up.

Previously there was some discussion on it on this forum, but I can’t find it using the search function.

Anyone with a reference to that thread, or who can help with the best circumfence?

I’ve got a KH36 with nightrider tyres.

I got the same tire and this is my wheel size in my bicycle computer: 2825

I have 2872 on my nightrider & nimbus pro rim (same as KH36).

That could be because of the different rim and other tire pressure.
The best way is just to measure the distance your wheel covers with one revolution. Then put that distance (in mm) in your cyclecomputer

I have mine set at 2780 but I set mine by ink spotting the tire and riding the uni and then measure the distance between the marks, that way you compensate for rider weight and wobble etc
P.S. I am running the radial TA tire