36" Schlumpf stolen

My 36" schlumpf has been stolen during the last week out of my cellar in Vienna.
It is not so easy to ride this uni so maybe it will show up somewhere.
If you see it, please send me email to hans(at)fiby.at.

Schlumpf 2 geared hub (with 2 golden Buttons)
Schlumpf frame black labeled “schlumpfdrive.com
170 mm cranks Schlumpf black
standard thick Coker spokes, Airfoil 36" rim, TA Wheel 36x2 1/4 tire
Xpedo plattform pedals
T7 handle blue
Nimbus Gel saddle
Schimano break
Quax seat post clamp (mounted backward)

:astonished: :frowning:


Hope you find the sicko who stole it and teach them some manners. :angry: :angry:

Omg, that really sucks… hope it turns up


Were/ when was it stolen? Also do you know how?

When you find out who did it, can I be part of the “beat the bastard up” committee? Please?

+1 add me to that

and damn that really sucks, rally hope u find it. guys gonna have a hard time selling it though

Oh my god, bad luck Hans, that’s quite a unicycle to lose.

Hope you get it back, that’s so annoying that someone would nick it, they’ll never be able to ride it, it’s just so pointless.


Not unlike an unusual or expensive car that might get stolen just for the joy ride. This unicycle is probably so hot the thief is only able to try it out inside his/ her own house.

I hope you recover it AND I hope the thief gets caught.

Bumping this up and hoping it keeps getting bumped up until your uni is home with you.

Re: 36" Schlumpf stolen

Hi Hans

Are you sure that you didn’t ride to a bar, and then forget it there
because you had to crawl home?? :slight_smile:

But seriously …

Did the thief break into your cellar?

Was it the only thing stolen?

If so, the crime is very strange. Unless it was, horror, a
unicyclist. Surely that cannot be?


Shit man call the cops or something that is an easy uni to pick out of the crowd and I really hope it turns up.

Oh man, that’s really awful :frowning:

Sorry to hear about your Uni Hans, it’s such a beautiful machine I hope you get it back soon.


That’s a real bugger, Hans. It would be very hard to sell this unicycle to another unicyclist, as there are very few Schlumpf 36ers around and yours is pretty distinctive.

Wow…that is really bad news.

Can you at least get insurance money on something stolen of that value?

I’m sorry for you. By the way, I can’t figure out the purpose of the t pipe that extends behind the seat. Do you take it off before you ride ? Is it just there to castrate potential thieves ? If so, you are very clever sir.
To rub salt in your wounds, my new KH 24 with air seat just landed on my doorstep 10 minutes sgo. I feel so great. Indead, I am sure we feel the exact opposite right now. I’m so sorry, I can’t stop smiling. You must feel so very very terrible, because I feel so good now. There is that new tire smell in the room.
Be sure to give a picture of your uni to every pawn shop in 100 miles. It’s better then 50/50 it will show up soon. Remember it’s likely someone wants to turn it into crack today, don’t wait!

You’ve proven it can be hacked into a much less recognizable 29r though

It was in the cellar, that belongs to my appartment. The lock on the door was broken and all my two unicycles, that I had there where stolen. Besides the Uber-Coker there was a nice Pichler Solo freestyle, that was stolen too.

There are in fact Jan and me who can ride it here arround Vienna. The frame is so big, only very tall peaple can ride it. The pointlessness is what annoys me the most. It is pointless to ride this uni in a backyard and I would soon know, if someonw would ride it in major public areas.

I do not think so, I already looked arround on the flea market to buy it back for 50 Euros.

I have an insurance that should cover that, as far as the conditions say.

I will talk about a new one with Florian.

Thanks for all the sympathy. I am now left with exactly no unicycle. I sold two recently and the other two where stolen.

So I can ask the best of all newbie questions: Which unicycles should I buy?


That sucks horribly. It’s some sort of sick joke to steal a(an?) unicycle. Hope good luck comes unto you soon and justice prevails.