36" rims/spokes/tires

I am not ‘COKER’ literate and had a few questions.

Can you only get rims/spokes/tires from Coker or is there another manufacturer of 36" paraphernalia?

How are the Coker rims with rim brakes, specifically Magura’s?

Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks.

It all started with the tire. Or did it? How can you make a tire without arranging for a matching rim?

Okay, it all started with the Coker 36" tire, and a matching steel rim of dubious quality. They were for the Coker Monster bike. Then Coker came up with the idea of making a unicycle out of it also. These debuted at the 1998 National Unicycle Convention in Monrovia, CA.

Now there are two rims available, the basic steel one and a high profile one that’s lighter and much nicer. But still only the one tire from Coker. If you’re going to use brakes, the higher-end rim is recommended though for occasional use, I think the steel rim is okay. But get the alloy one if possible. It’s the main ingredient of the “deluxe” Coker (from Unicycle.com).

The 36" size has become very popular among unicyclists, and the availability of such a large air tire at such an affordable price has basically started a new category of unicycling.

To that end, I’d like to someday see a choice in tires from Coker (or whoever). The current tire is long-lasting and good for cruising, but heavy. A smaller-profile, lighter one would be great for road riders. Also, but I think for a smaller market, an offroad version of the tire might be popular also.

What’s the verdict on the Coker-replacement spokes from Unicycle.com? Has anyone had problems with corrosion, breakage from fatigue, etc? Can you get them really tight without stripping the threads?

The tube and the tire are the only things that you have to get from Coker. They’re the only items on a Coker unicycle that cannot be purchased from a different supplier. The spokes, nipples, rim, frame, and hub all have upgrades.

Available upgrades for the Coker:
Custom cut stainless steel spokes from The Unicycle Factory
Large nipples to fit The Unicycle Factory spokes from Semcycle USA (They’re special nipples they use for their big wheels)
Wide hub from The Unicycle Factory
Custom hubs from other sources too
Airfoil rim from Unicycle.com
Custom frames to fit the wide hub from Hunter Cycles, George Barnes, and others.
Custom frames to fit standard width hubs from Hunter Cycles, KH, Wyganowski, and others.
Custom handlebar extensions.

Get the Airfoil rim if you’re going to run brakes. The stock rim is junk, is too flexy, and not a good choice for brakes. The Airfoil is soooooo much better. It really makes a big difference. Props, a big thanks, and kudos to Unicycle.com for getting the custom Airfoil 36" rim made special for them.

I just put together a custom Coker with a wide hub from The Unicycle Factory, spokes from The Unicycle Factory, Airfoil rim, and George Barnes GB4 frame. I still need to put the Magura brake on and figure out a handle extension setup. Overall, I absolutely love it. It is sooooooo much better than a stock Coker. There is no flex in the frame or the wheel. It climbs much better than my stock Coker. The wheel is much stronger than the stock Coker wheel. I’ve been willing and able to hop up stairs, ride down a 4 set of stairs, roll up curbs, and ride on single track. I would never do those things with a stock Coker wheel. My “Super Coker” is soooo nice. The difference between it and my stock Coker piece of junk is unbelievable.

I ordered all the pieces and put it together myself. But if you want to avoid dealing with four different suppliers the easier way to get a “Super Coker” is to contact U-Turn (Dave Stockton). He can get all the pieces, build you a Worlds Strongest Coker Wheel, get a frame, put it all together and ship it to you. Wow!

So yes, you can get parts from suppliers other than Coker. The only things that are available only from Coker are the tire and tube.

I agree. And the latest batch of Airfoil rims are far superior as far as braking surface. They have improved the weld area significantly as far as joint alignment goes.

Availability is almost completely back on track so if you’ve heard that the delay is huge (it was), it’s almost back down to a few weeks or even less. I can also add brakes, do seat rebuilds, add handles, and the like.

I agree with John that the upgraded Coker is simply a different machine. It’s a strong, sophisticated riding beast. The real start to the evolution of the Coker was, I believe, Roger Davies using it in Minnesota on their long ride and showing in a public way how suitable it was for long rides. See here (link obtained through www.unitours.org). The next huge step was uni.com’s sponsorship of the Airfoil rim development. That rim makes a huge difference. Thanks for your insight, John!

WOW…Thank you for the wonderful advice. Time to start looking and dreaming…hmmm 36"

Thanks again and rubber side down