36" Recommendation

I’m aching to buy a 36. Was planning on a Coker from Unicycle.com, but called them today, and they said they only have Nimbus for now, and not sure if they will have Coker in the future.

If you look at their online catalog there are a couple of Nimbus 36" listed. Any thoughts or experience with any of these?



If you have the money I say yes get the nimbus with the Airfoil rim… cause sure enough you will end up upgrading to it before to long anyways. I started with a Radial 360 uni then added the airfoil rim then brakes then relaced wheel at high tension with 14gauge stainless spokes and now I have upgraded to the nimbus frame with magura brakes.( you can save some money in the long run by buying it already done like the Nimbus with airfoil rim and have them do the 14gauge spokes too)

Thanks DayTripper! Sounds like good advice.

I’m going to show my ignorance here. I keep seeing 14 gauge spokes as an ‘upgrade’ from 12 gauge spokes. I thought steel was like wire, in that higher gauge meant thinner. Thus, why is 14-gauge an upgrade? Less weight?


Do they still have the UDC “Radial” 36er in stock? It’s a nice machine if you don’t want to go for the full cost of the Nimbus 36er. Many of the components are the same.

I went for one of these, with an airfoil rim (on the grounds it’d be lighter and easier to control, and save money in the long run). I’ve been very pleased with it and have recently upgraded it with the Nimbus T7 handle.

I’m considering further upgrading to the Nimbus frame in the future.

The airfoil certainly seems nice enough, but I don’t have anything to compare it with :wink: I like the Wheel TA / slick tyre. The T7 handle is good. And I had a 29er tube stretched onto the rim to save rotational weight, and so far it seems to be working well.

Hope that helps.

I recently had my wheel relaced after speaking to Nathan Hoover about the weight difference and having it done in high tension and I must say the combination definetely makes a better ride and if I remember right the new spokes are something like 12ounces lighter which makes a big dif. in rotating mass, my 36 spins alot easier now almost like my 29

when i got to unicycle.com there are still cokers in the catalog. Are you sure they are out?

There’s no real reason for them to sell coker cokers any more, given that they’ve brought out such a better machine (Nimbus) for not much more money.

The 14 gauge spokes are lighter. They’re also stainless steel and higher quality compared to the cheap nasty stock spokes, which should mean they can be built into a stronger wheel.