36 question

I had owned a 36 er before but never got comfortable with the size. Did some 25 milers but they were more like a controlled fall the whole way. I have been away from uni’s for a bit but have been putting a couple miles on my 29 er lately. Now to my question: I saw the new nightfox the other day and I am wondering if it is as easy to control as it looks?? I am really considering getting one but not sure if it will be worth it. Any other 36 recommendations???

I had a very similar experience to yours in the beginning. I had a few years of riding all sizes up to 29 and felt very comfortable on 29. I put in what I thought was an honest try into the 36, but it always felt like too much… I sold it. A few years later I got the bug again, I built up my own 36, KH frame, Nimbus wheel. My second try was much better, it felt a lot better right off the start, but still not nearly as stable as 29. I didn’t give up this time, I’m now on my 4th month of riding 3 or 4 times a week, pushing it longer every month. It finally feels comfortable 400 miles later :slight_smile: It definitely takes time to tame the beast, once you do, it’s a great feeling, definitely worth the investment of sweat. I’m also getting in some of the best shape of my life.

My first one was a coker big one, the KH is definitely a better ride, I don’t have any experience on the nightfox.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

thanks anton. I think I am ready between the ears too. The first one I had I bought from BigNugly off the forum. I should have known he was tall. I went to ohio to get it. He was like 6’8! I am 5’8 the seat was at my chin! I was terrified just looking at it. The nightfox looks like it will be at my level.


You experience of “Did some 25 milers but they were more like a controlled fall the whole way” sounds incredible!

My main question is: Were your cranks too short? Longer cranks give a LOT more control. Once you get the hang, you can change for shorter for that out-of-control feeling :slight_smile:

(Appropriate seat post length is needed, too!)

For 5’8", the Nightfox is a good choice. I think you will do well.

edit: Billy’s right about the cranks. Start out long (like 150) and work up to shorter ones. You’ll know when it’s time to go shorter when it seems like you’re flapping your knees the whole time.

I’m about to convert my Impulse 36" to a 29" wheel for road and easy track riding, I’ve persevered but due to work can’t get out as much as I would like to master it. I have a 26 muni for the rough tracks which I love and I’m thinking that the step up to a 29 won’t be too hard. I’ve been riding 3 years and want a road option for local riding that I can just hop on even if I haven’t been out for a while.

they were short because I could not reach well with long cranks. I think the night fox will give me that flexibility.

thanks for the advice. I will pay attention to that.