36" Qu-ax

So, today I got the QU-AXs 36" and immediately went on a 50 minutes long tour:p
Now, I am asking everyone that has one, or that knows about stuff like that: How strong is the rim? The cranks and the hub are ISIS, so they should hold fine, but how high drops will the rim hold? I am afraid to hop on it, because it looks so gentle:D Should I worry about hopping up and down curbs, and stairs?

I don’t have one, nor have I ridden one but its rim is double walled so hopping up and down curbs should be no problem - heck I even do that on the steel coker rim.

Thanks. I might try stairs one day

The hub isn’t wide. That makes the rim less strong.

Though its also 48 spokes.

what drop hight would kill a coker rim?

Congrats! And welcome to the club – I’m also a happy owner of qu-ax 36" :slight_smile:

Well, I don’t know, but I’ve been riding up curbs and that was
no problem at all. :sunglasses:

What I can recommend though is: as soon as you can get yourself a proper wrist protection. I mean rollerblade wrist guards (most important) and knee pads. Wrist injuries suck, trust me :astonished:


100 feet would.

Ryan atkins did a 5 or 6 foot drop on a coker. It had an airfoil rim built by livewire unicycles. The rim stayed true and fine, well, I think it went off by a few mm.

The cranks though, are what snapped though.

A properly built airfoil rim, with the Qu-Ax ISIS hub widened, with some KH moments would be amaizng.

It’d be tough to lace a Qu-Ax ISIS hub to an airfoil…

And I’d prefer a widened Moment hub :smiley:

Yeah, Im pretty sure the Airfoil is 36 holed, and I know the Qu-Ax is 48, but Qu-Ax now has its own Alum. double walled rim. =p

Id stick with the Qu-Ax hub though, because the KH hub is drilled for weight savings, and the Qu-Ax isnt. So cutting the KH in half, adding on more length and re-wielding may mess up the hollowed out hub, from the heat and whatnot, so I would trust the Solid Qu-Ax hub to be more up to the job of being cut, and re-wielded.

Im not a wielder or know much about the subject though, so im just going off what I think would work better.

I did a three set on the classic coker wheel without any problems. I think the Qu-ax is really overbuilt. I rather doubt you will be able to do anything more than bend cranks or twist the hub aslong as you keep the spokes tight.

I have Kris Holm Pulse gloves. Do I need knee pads? I have knee+shin guards but they are not that comfortable for riding. Can I hurt my legs from falling, besides angry dogs? (Dogs really do hate Cokers)

Once you get going faster than what you can run at, it wont hurt, well, it will hurt, just not as bad, to wear some padding.

At slwoer speed you can run out when you fall and be fine, other times you wont be able to run out, or twist your ankle trying to run out, and go into the ground at 15mph or more.

Ouch. I’m not a big fan of high speeds, actually:)

Hey, congrats on your new unicycle! Protection can be pretty important when you’re beginning, I know my knees would carry some less scars if someone told me to wear kneepads when I was learning. You don’t really have to go fast to fall badly, though it’s unlikely that you’ll have more than a few bruises. If you’re not too keen on riding with protection then make sure you don’t fall. One of the most common reasons is no grip on your pedals, so make sure you have some BMX pedals with removable pins in there, or even better, halfclips (but those can be painful to start with, so I suggest you first get some experience on your uni).
Also try to get a bigger range of cranksizes, the ISIS splined cranks the new Qu-ax uses are a bit more expensive than normal cranks, but not very, and they’re very light too. I suggest getting 125, 114 and 100, it makes a much smoother ride when you get used to the big wheel.

Have fun!


Thanks, these cranks and pedals are good for now. Pedals are plastic, but they have pins, so the grip is good

Let me tell you this: according to my experience wrist/palm protection is most the important one. Falls sometimes happen… first time I overlooked quite large hole in a pavement and next thing I remember is my face on the ground :wink:
Classic faceplant. Fortunately I had a helmet, but my hands were protected by mere bike gloves. I had bad palm/wrist injury and it was 2 months ago and I still feel pain in my wrist sometimes. Sadly, I feel it’ll take probably next 2 month or so for it to heal completely…

I think wrist wraps are most important

I have 661 leg stuff but I never wear it now cause it’s really hot here. I’ve done some rough palm skids, and find that my knees just barely kiss the ground, if at all. Because I know my palms are covered, I really press them into the ground and it saves my knees. Without the wrist wraps I would have to balance the impact more from knees to hands to avoid totaling my hands.
I upd mostly on tight turns or from hitting stuff I didn’t see. I haven’t had a truly high speed crash yet, I rarely go fast in so so conditions. I think every 36 rider is almost sure to land hard on their palms, my wraps are all scuffed up.