36" Qu-ax (circa 2007)

Older model. Purchased new in 2007 and I’ve put less than 1000km on it. The chrome on the frame is pitting/peeling slightly and most components have a little surface rust. It would look great with a new paint job. The rim surface was not designed for a brake, but I’ve heard you can still use one just with lower performance. The wheel set has a 48 spoke aluminium rim with a red Qu-ax ISIS hub. The spokes came finger loose from UDC but I tensioned them and they’ve been rock solid since. Original tube, never had a flat. With its thick KH freeride saddle the top of saddle to hub dimension is 75cm (seat post up) and 65cm (seat post down). It could possibly get down to 62cm with the included shorter seat post, and even lower with a thinner seat.

Price: $350 AUD + shipping
Location: Adelaide, South Australia (can deliver in Adelaide and will ship anywhere, I will need the buyer to help research/organise shipping)

I can provide extra photos on demand.

The unicycle has the following components:

  • Saddle: Red KH freeride (older model with nuts not allen bolts, has removable cover, small tear in cover, usual bumps and bruises on the handle/bumper)
  • Seat post: 25.4mm steel post cut short (surface rust)
  • Seat post clamp: Original generic quick-release clamp (surface rust)
  • Frame: Chromed Steel, round crown, 25.4mm post (chrome is slightly pitting/peeling, some surface rust)
  • Tyre: 2.25” TA tyre, 4 ply (lots of tread, some hairs/sprues still attached)
  • Rim: Aluminium, black, curved side wall profile not ideal for rim brakes (a couple scratches)
  • Spokes: 48 spokes (surface is tarnished)
  • Hub: 48 hole red Qu-ax ISIS hub (no spacers between bearing and cranks, hasn’t been an issue)
  • Cranks: 145mm Qu-ax ‘lightweight’ ISIS cranks (‘zero’ Q-factor)
  • Pedals: Metal DX pedals (slightly bent but still rideable, other pedals also included)
  • Valve cap: Smiley face!


  • Black odyssey twisted pedals (plastic, perfectly straight)
  • Even shorter 25.4mm steel seat post
  • 3 pairs of Qu-ax ‘lightweight’ ISIS cranks:
    [INDENT]- 114mm, ‘zero’ Q-factor (brand new)
  • 125mm, ‘zero’ Q-factor (used, good condition)
  • 170mm, with Q-factor (used, good condition)[/INDENT]

This uni has many thousands of km’s left in it.

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That’s a good price for an ISIS 36. Could always repaint the frame with etch primer and rattle cans if chrome isn’t your thing.

Thanks Jim. Yeah with a couple of rattle cans this 36er could look great. I much prefer the look of this all black rim over my KH36 with the machined brake surface.

With $350 + a couple rattle cans + a few hours, any of these could be yours. Personally I like the green one… or the purple… or the red… maybe add a few more hours to decide on a colour.


Sold locally.