36" Oracle Muni

Made my 1st video yesterday! I love my new Oracle, it feels so light and responsive compared to the Coker. Muni on the big wheel is the only way for me! Hills I couldn’t get up with the Oregon the 36er sails right up. You just can’t beat momentum!

Nice riding! Great job on those skinnies. I am also a big fan of 36er muni.

Thanks! I visit my Uncle and his family a few times a year in Silver Springs, MD. I will message you next time if your interested in doing a 36er ride? I may come up this weekend if a NC mountains ride doesn’t work out.

That sounds great. I live about 30 minutes from Silver Spring. There are some nice 36er trails in the area. Let me know when you figure out about this weekend or next time you are up this way.

Nice, I want one!

It’s my 6th unicycle and by far my favorite and most versitile!

Will do, NC mt ride is out, so DC is a possibility. Will message you after I get in touch with my Uncle.

Fantastic video! Thanks for taking the time to film it. It sure is nice to see the different wheel size in action before I take the plunge on a new unicycle. I must admit I kept waiting to see you get jousted off while using the poll(camera) in the tree’s. :astonished: Keep the video’s coming. It truly is a treat to see how and where others are riding.

Haha, thanks for the comment! I used to have some nice tripods but I sold them so I made my own using odds and ends from the shop…a wood handle, some automotive hose clamps, one of those wire frames from a political sign and some nuts and bolts. I bent the wire around the center bolt so they can swing out into tripod mode or lay flat for self filming. I hose clamped bolts at both ends for mounting the camera. Also cut one end of handle into a point so I could just stick it into the ground, worked great!

Camera is just a Cannon Power Shot Elph and used Windows Movie Maker for the video.

Filming with that stick in my hand was quit difficult at first. That’s why I fell at the begining and was laughing during that 1st part.

Spent almost $3,000 on unicycles this year but to cheap to buy a proper tripod, gotta love the irony, haha!

That’s awesome. I’m laying the groundwork for a 36er here.
While there’s 5 unicycles in my garage, two belong to my kids and a trainer that I keep pushing on my wife & neighbours. The 36" Oracle would nicely complement my giraffe & 26" muni. :stuck_out_tongue:


Great video! Good taste in music too.

Haha, always room for one more.

Thanks guys! Can’t go wrong with the Keys or QOTSA! :sunglasses:

How fast have you been going on ST? Nice video.

Thanks! This trail is about 6 miles. When I started several weeks ago on the 36er it was 5mph, now I’m up to 9mph. It’s not very technical at all and only small inclines.