36'' Nimbus with brakes, Kris Holm saddle, 200 euro


I live in Leipzig, Germany and have decided to only ride with my Race Unicycle.

That’s why I’m selling my 36’’ Nimbus with brakes, Kris holm Fusion ride saddle, 145mm QU-AX cranks (and 125 light cranks if you want) for 200 euro:

Bit oxidated and Dirty Harry brake handle:

Pedals with experience (from other Unicycles) and 145mm QU-AX cranks:

Tire almost new:

The saddle met the ground eventually:

Shipping costs not included. I am in Leipzig, Germany.

Viele Grüße,

Ups, it’s not a Nimbus, but a QU-AX 36’’. Sorry! :slight_smile:

Sad thing germany is so far away. I’m surprised this is still here.

Thank you bnolsen :slight_smile:

You know, it is the crisis! :smiley:

It is still for sale, price is discussable. But beware, I am very argumentative and you may end up paying more! :smiley:

PM’ed :slight_smile: