36" Nimbus Titan/ UDC Titan 36" unicycle review anyone?

i am looking to buy this unicycle:

My biggest question is, can it handle curbs? dropping down them and jumping up them? PS this is my 2nd unicycle that im buying, and first 36" one… help anyone? thanks!

For Sale: 36" Nimbus Titan Unicycle

For Sale: USA, 36" Nimbus Titan, Like new condition. Tire still has small tips on it. Very reasonable asking price, $140.00. Located in Apache Junction, USA.


Sold, Sold, Sold

Titan 36 is a great Uni

I have had it for 2 years and have put it through two crazy winters, bumps and even off road and it is still running great and surprisingly still in true. Great uni as long as you take care of it and maintain it.