36" Nimbus Radial Unicycle + 20" nimbus Trials

I know there is quite a few people on here that are looking for a 36" and I just wanted to let everyone know that now I got my KH36 I no longer need my nimbus 36" so it is now for sale on ebay. here’s the link I am also selling my old nimbus trials unicycle on ebay too. Here

Just wanted to let everybody know if you want the unicycle if you contact me and not go through ebay i will take $15 off the price because that is about what ebay would charge me for fees.

36" now sold still have nimbus trials.

Just wanted to let everyone know i have lowered the price on my auction a bit.:slight_smile:

have you sold the 20 nimbus, cause it’s no longer available in ebay?

Yes it sold, Sorry I forgot about this thread.