36" Nimbus Nightrider

Hi guys

I was looking at a 36" Nimbus Nightrider. I am quite short - I ride a nimbus 29 with the seat eight 1/2cm above the lowest level.

I guess it would be about 29inches. Would it fit me??


If it wouldn’t could I cut down the frame to allow for my stumpy legs??

Also does it look like a good deal? I want to go faster on trails and ride to work on it (6miles)

Thanks Stewart

Nimbus 36" nightrider for the short-legged discusses this though the numbers in the first post seem suspect.

Courtesy of the Internet archive, when UDC still sold this the page for one version looked like this: http://web.archive.org/web/20100313134424/http://www.unicycle.com:80/unicycles/commuter-touring/nimbus-nightrider-36-black.html (the UK site is archived too, but wasn’t immediately finding a useful page there)

Which suggests a 29 inch inseam with no handle (ie, seat against post clamp) and 125 cranks. If you wanted to be able to use 150’s you need to drop the seat another inch.

You could ask the seller to measure the distance from the axle to the top of the post clamp, and if staying with the same size cranks and saddle, compare that to the saddle bracket on your 29er.

I’m not sure which distance your 29" refers to (top of seat to pedal?) but I can measure my Nightrider if you want some numbers. Mine is one of the newer ones though and I’m not sure if they changed the seat tube length at all. I can’t view the ad to compare.

Don’t forget to take the handlebar into account when looking at seat height. The T7 and Shadow both add to the seat height.

Thanks Engineer and Lightbulb - I think it would be too tall as is. But looking at the archived posts you directed me to - thanks. Corbin cuts 1" off him 36 as he too has short legs. I’l get a photo of the frame close up to check I can cut it.

Does anyone know if the model shown on facebook is the one with the newer wheel. There was some discussion about the older wheel not having spokes available anymore??


You could just ask - given the thread just had a look at my recently-purchased used Titan and was pleased to see it said Stealth 2 with the 2 positioned like an exponent (“stealth squared” ?)

Incidentally, the blue Nightrider from last June I see on the page you’ve linked says “sold” - but maybe there’s another listing you can see that we can’t.

If that one is gone you might keep eyes out for a Nightfox as that frame design dispenses with the need for a frame tube between the seat and wheel.